Thursday , August 5 2021

Runs off a ball in comedy after mistakes from Pakistan's New Zealand

The third and last ODI between Pakistan and New Zealand was a damp team after the rain was raining on Sunday night in Dubai. However, during Pakistan's attempts, there were a few interesting moments with fans talking on social media. When Faheem Ashraf and Asif Ali tossed a ball after an error comedy from New Zealand players on the field, one of these moments came to the beat of Pakistan.

Faheem Ashraf surrendered to the deep square of Trent Boult to make three runs with his shot at the end of the wicketkeeper. Tom Latham summoned the ball and threw a long-off shot at the bowling tip, making the overthrow possible for the pair.

The shot from the depths was another pitiful way Latham couldn't clean up, allowing the Pakistani crew to complete the fifth run.

Rameez Raja's comic event in the comment box, Raj It's quite amazing.

On the front of the match, Pakistan's long-awaited ODI series has rained on hopes of gaining New Zealand.

Pakistan has not been able to beat a one-day series since its win in New Zealand in 2011, in 2014 (2-3 in the UAE), in 2015 (in New Zealand) 2) in 2016 (in New Zealand) and in January 2018 (0-5 in New Zealand).

New Zealand has set a target of 280 employees against a strong Pakistani bowling attack. The series that dropped the first match of New Zealand to 47 points was the second with two plays in Pakistan's Abu Dhabi.

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