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Rowlingverse is spreading back to life


Being part of Rowlingverse is an interesting thing; Even Marvel does not fit in the same blanket lap of his initiatives. Many young players The Curse of Grindelwald remember Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as the first book they read for themselves. “I remember this school going crazy and the whole school is going crazy, ığ says Zoe Kravitz, who plays Newt's former classmate and boon friend Leta Lestrange. Di I told my mother need I need this, everyone has this book! Im It was strange that a new emotion was a book. Children do not want to sit and read on their own in a room; usually this is the school assignment. "

This kind of thing doesn't leave you. Katherine Waterston portrays Tina Goldstein, who is # the greatest tune of New York “, now returned to her authoritarian status in the magical Paris. with haircuts magical lives in Paris – everything was just closed. Için Actors like moths for a flame go to him to ask questions about his characters, “he says. If someone wants a backstory, one is ready to write; If someone has a question, the wizard world lives in a coherent way that can be answered without hesitation.

Katherine Waterston denies her role as Tina Goldstein.

Katherine Waterston denies her role as Tina Goldstein. Credit:Warner Bros

Olamaz The fun thing cannot help itself; It's coming around and I'm not supposed to tell you this, but that's what happens to the next character! They say. When it's thick enough, it's just fun to have a little clue. He'll go. I don't know why he thinks he can't; This is his interview, but he whispers as we do in these negotiations! Medi Fortunately, the director didn't come often to David Yates' schedule. Iyla It's like Rowling's Dumbledore, led says Miller. ”It's there when it's supposed to be and go.“

Crimes in Grindelwald an extraordinary show. It began with the escape of Grindelwald from the New York ministry by a ram shot by a six-drag dragon who leaped overboard from a sky scraper; The streets between the battles of Paris seem to be rising solidly before us; The series titled monsters seem to jump and creep from the screen, stretching from stick insects and a small platypus in Newt's pockets to an angry Chinese dragon.

However, Rowlingverse impresses the new arrivals. The actors spend much less time imagining than you can imagine – an empty green space – Waterston says, with the legendary creatures that could only exist through CGI. Lar They have wonderful puppeteers and they deal with great characters. There's a 7-foot stunt in the dragon. And the effort they know, although it may seem, will be shown for the moment when they can capture the reflection or a physical response in your eyes.

The visual splendor of Rowlingverse, however, does not take into account the extraordinary success of these stories. . It's hard to put your finger on the imagination of many people around the world, Water Waterston says. Mükemmel A perfect storm of so many elements; This is Jo’nun [JK Rowling’s] genius. I There are themes of tolerance and inclusiveness, especially in boarding school stories; in Crimes in GrindelwaldIn these world boundaries, people are increasingly arbitrarily excluded by insular bureaucrats, or while we are becoming unbranded, we are watching sensible crowds with a curious tribal work.

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Johnny Depp plays the second place in the crazy magical fundamentalist Gellert Grindelwald Fantastic Monsters film.Credit:Warner Bros

Ne It's an interesting mix, bir says Redmayne. Ir He is so concerned and contemporary that he forces you to resist society and the world, and at the same time convince you that you can be a magician for a few hours. Aynı You are asked to open your mind in several ways, joining Waterston. Of course, there is no simple assurance that the magic world is the happiest kingdom of all. ”Governments fail in both worlds, Mill says Miller. Şey Everything in the sorcery world isn't great because it has magic. There's more to people than either of them trying, failing, and trying. "

Fantastic Beasts: Crimes in Grindelwald is now scanning.

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