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Real & # 39; stagnation in work and life & # 39; Embracing Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday and Dan Schawbel.Dan Schawbel (left) and Ryan Holiday.Courtesy of Dan Schawbel

  • Dan Schawbel is a bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur and host of the Soru 5 Questions with Dan Schawbel ”podcast, and talks to world class people in less than 10 minutes asking five questions.
  • He recently met with Ryan Holiday, the best-selling author of “Stillness Key,“ “The Engo Enemy,“ and “The Road to Obstacle: The Art of Transforming Timeless Trials into Triumph”.
  • Ryan identifies that there is stagnation and clarity of intent.
  • Iyor We don't experience stagnation that we need to make good decisions, be happy and do our best, ”he says.
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Although he left college when he was young, he studied as an apprentice to some of the most successful writers of the last decade, including Ryan Holiday, Tim Ferriss, Tucker Max and Robert Greene.

After supporting Greene's book marketing campaign "The 50th Law," Greene introduced Ryan with American Apparel CEO. From 2009 to 2014, Ryan served as marketing director for the company and was responsible for several major shows that first caught his attention. Since then, he has written a number of books, such as “The Road to Obstacle: The Timeless Art of Transforming Experiments into Triumph”, ““ The Ego is the Enemy ”and the last“ Stillness is the Key ”.

In the speech below, Ryan shares his philosophies of life, how to be more available than technology, achieving stagnation, the impact of stockiness on parenting, and best career advice.

Dan Schawbel: After all this time, what has changed the most for you and remains the same as your philosophy and how you operate in your life?

Dan Schawbel Dan Schawbel.Courtesy of Dan Schawbel

Ryan Tourism: That's a good question. I don't know how much it's changed. I'm the same person, but what you're doing is feeling like you're solving obvious problems in your life, and then you're going to a hierarchy of needs to make the problems seem less urgent, but ultimately much more important, and ultimately. Some of the work I'm doing in this book asks, ne What's the next problem when you get over hurdles and get your life or career or work?. What this book solves is that many of us are feeling right now, and I have always felt that we are overwhelmed. We do not experience the stagnation we need to make good decisions, to be happy and to work best from where it comes from.

DS: This is something I've noticed since I read the same topic. People respond to messages in and out of work e-mail, on weekends, on holiday and everywhere. People believe that they need to be connected all the time, but how can they start disconnecting and finding more?

RH: One of the things I started using devices is that I don't touch my phone for the first 30 minutes or an hour. I wake up, I don't sleep on the phone in the same room and touch the phone in the morning. I want to get a job before I suck this stuff. So for me, I tried to make my life to really win in the morning. Earlier in the day, I preloaded most of the great achievements. So when things get interrupted or stressed, or when I get distracted or tired – everything that can happen during the day – it doesn't push anything for me because I've already done important things. If I have a non-distracting day, it's amazing because I'm super productive and I have extra work. But I did a normal human job until 10 or 11. I think like this.

DS: How do you define recession? How does it feel when you reach a recession and why should people try to do it?

RH: Stasis is one of the things that I think shows itself in different ways. A baseball player looking down at a pitcher waiting for the right shot is the recession. A parent has this stagnation that has a child standing on it. There's the silence of sitting in front of a magazine. Regardless of what you do, your time to enter one of these flow situations is stagnant. There is the silence of being in nature. So there are many different forms, but I think that in essence, it is defined by its existence. Rotating is defined by the lack of negative emotions. This is a sense of possibility. This is the clarity of intent. Even if you're doing something really important, whether you're writing, doing music or working on a big idea, you're busy and busy, but you don't think too much.

For me, the recession is where we go personally, it is very important, but it is also the key to professionally distinguished performance. We know what unlocks everything we want personally and professionally in life. The problem is as pleasing as the moments I just talked about, we all have it all, and we all know it's quite rare. If so important, why do we allow them to be so rare, and how can we build a life that encourages them or at least makes them impossible?

Ryan Holiday HeadshotRyan Holiday.Ryan Tourism

DS: You are raising a child right now. How will you differentiate your children after studying stoism and other ancient wisdom and philosophies?

RH: The power to learn how to be on your own is great. When my son wakes up in the morning, one of the things we do is let him be on his own. We're watching him on the monitors to make sure he doesn't hurt himself or anything. Not using a device in the morning is something for me, but at the same time for her, a fully engaged parent can live half-babysitter who doesn't check the email.

One of the things we do every morning, despite the stagnation is a big part of my routine, we go for a long walk. We can either walk for two or three miles or ride a bike if he wants to. I put him in this trailer and I wandered around. The idea is to go out and do something active. Just doing this activity, walking, watching the sunrise, cycling or wandering in nature, we experience something together, and that's all we do, and we're just having fun. I think you're ultimately teaching stasis as an example, and that's a key thing parents need to provide to their children. Children are parents who naturally exist and are still overwhelmed by making themselves anxious and frantic and signing them for cello lessons and everything else.

DS: What is your best career proposal?

RH: You just have to do what you can. I'll see book suggestions and talk about my books or other really successful books. These books had no other books to point to. You need to create a new space. One of the greatest gifts we have is that we were born with a monopoly. We were born with totally unique DNA, totally unique experiences and a totally unique perspective. Instead of using it to create a unique, unique brand, we see what other successful people are doing, and then we do ourselves. Then we wonder why we had a hard time coming forward. If you want to attract attention, if you want to impress, if you want to be special, you should remember that the values ​​are in shortage.

Don't just be another Groupon clone or another Bitcoin start or another business book that talks about the same five academic studies. Do something unique and special to make this planet.

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