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Low Burundi, Lesotho's first match of the Nations Cup


Low-grade Burundi and Lesotho are among 23 countries that chased 11 games in the 2019 African Cup of Nations tournament during the final qualifying round in March.

The weekend ended with 13 countries, including the first two-time qualifiers of Southern Mauritania and former Zambia champions.

Burundi needs a point against host friends Gabon and Lesotho want a win in Cape Verde to make sure they will participate in a new 24-nation tournament in Cameroon.

Burundia swallows are 40th and Lesotho Crocodiles in the 43rd rank of 54 Africa.

AFP Sport is looking at eight groups with at least $ 475,000 (€ 415,000) in prize money.

Group C

Burundi is on the run with Gabon, the top scorer of six goalscorer Fiston Abdul Razak, and Gabon is fighting with the team's star player Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the game.

The Arsenal striker did not go to South Sudan because he was unhappy with the condition of the plane he had rented and brought a disability to the weekend damage that caused damage to Mali for a weekend.

D group

Benin is in a better position than Togo and Gambia in a three-way fight against West Africa teams in the final in the final of the 1990 champion Algeria.

Beninese will gain two more points from its competitors and benefit from the home advantage against Togo, but Gambia must win to have the chance to finish second in Algeria.

Group E

For Libya, only one win is enough, but South Africa 's three – time champion Nigeria together with teams to determine who needs to clash.

The violence in Libya during the Kadhafi period means that Libya will stage the match in Tripoli and the Mediterranean region of Sfax.

F group

Due to government intervention, the FIFA ban of Sierra Leone continues to find a group of Ghana and Kenya's likely qualifiers.

Sierra Leone may be challenging if the suspension is soon removed and allowed to continue, but after three losses in five games, Ethiopia cannot compete.

Group G

It was the most interesting of the eight mini leagues where these places were located. Zimbabwe leaders left the Congo with only three points from Brazzaville.

Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is in third place, played at home in the final round and is expected to win and qualify for Congo Brazzaville and Liberia respectively.

Group I

The historic character of Mauritania resulted in the contest for the second pier of Angola and 2013 Nations Cup runner Burkina Faso.

Angolan wins to the bottom Botswana will finish the top two, but the other result would open the door to Burganabe, because they beat the Mauritania in Ouagadougou.

K group

Despite its two-time win against the 2012 champion Zambia, Mozambique is seen as losers in a triple contest with Guinea-Bissau and Namibia for two.

Guinea-Bissau will send them and Namibia to Cameroon, at least against the Mozambique side of former Liverpool and Everton defender Abel Xavier.

Group L

Lesotho stood up from the last second by defeating Tanzania, and if we succeeded in winning Cape Verde for any chance, he would take the place of an unexpected finale.

39 years later, Tanzania wanted to return to the Cup of Nations. Uganda defeated Uganda for a realistic chance in Dar es Salaam.

South Africa & # 39; s Tiyani Shrine struggles with Nigeria's Alexander Iwobi during the African Nations Cup qualification

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