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Idris Elba's fiancé Sabrina gushes from Sexiest Man Alive | Arts & Entertainment


Sabrina Dhowre, the fiancée of Idris Elba, likes to "wake up" on her face every day.

Former Miss Vancouver is named Sexiest Man Alive in People magazine's der Luther & # 39; s; starred in the star and 46-year-old hunk already called the "husband".

In addition to his publication on Idris, he wrote in this regard: "This is my husband! Thanks Yaaaaasssssss @ people but I already knew #chocolateforthewin #lovewakinguptohisface (sic)"

Sabrina's spit-in-gun confessed to the confession that the British star Sabrina was the most horrible thing his wife had ever done.

& # 39; The & # 39; The star threw the question into the model in February and, although incredibly tense throughout the change, made the proposal "quite romantic."

He said:[Proposing] it was the most frustrating thing for me. But to make someone feel super special and feel my love, it was pretty romantic for me. "

Idris originally planned to propose to Sabrina on Valentine's Day (14.02.18), but after realizing that it would be et problematic Id, he decided that he would be asked to ina be troubled Id in his 39 Yardie & # 39; decided to do in the screening of the film.

He said: gibi I was among the people I liked and wandered around in a team and team. We all worked hard for this project, so I felt like I was doing it here. Da

And now the wedding plans continue in full swing, the actor and DJ insist on planning to put their stamp on their own seal by making a reservation with "19 DJ".

Idris said: "This is a special day, but we both have our own ideas. I want 19 deejay. It must be, come on!"

It is likely that Sabrina will be overwhelmed by her exceptional demand for tal having good chemistry paylaş and “sharing common goals Sab.

When asked what makes his fiancée "one", Idris – Isan, 16, and Winston, four, having children from previous relationships – said: "[We] to have good chemistry. It makes me laugh and share common goals. He makes me happy. It gives me the blessing of my achievements, and it makes me think when I'm not sure about a lot. "

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