Friday , May 20 2022

Ghana – Ethiopian Coach will Give Everything Football Football


Walias coach Abraham Mebratu believes that homeowners will play a vital role on the outcome of Sunday's big fixture against Black Stars.

Ethiopian coach Abraham Mebratu relies on home support to see Black Stars on the 2019 African Cup of Nations qualification on Sunday.

Walias will host Ghana in the penultimate match day at Addis Ababa Stadium, thus leaving the three numbers home for the first time since 2013, at the threshold of Afcon competence.

The Ethiopians, with a 5-0 loss to Ghana in the first leg, know what to do to them and say they never moved when they called the second three points of the campaign.

Mebratu, "Fans, the last game we draw with Kenya was incredible." Said.

"I've made it hard for them. [Kenya] And it was based on the number of fans.

Acak We need to do the same thing in Ghana on Sunday because Black Stars are a good side and if the fans enter their numbers, it will help us beat them.

"It's important that we win this game and we'll give everything inside to make sure we get a good result."

Ethiopia, the last month they played last year with Kenya scored goals.

Walias ranked second on the table behind the leaders of Group E, while Ghana ranked third, placing a position on top of Sierra Leone.

After the series, the two tops at the table qualify for Afcon in Cameroon next year.

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