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Everton analysis – Jordan Pickford shows you what you missed in Chelsea and you can make your bank in Barkley boos

The right of Allah is three

He was lucky for the third time – or was he in need? – For Everton this season, the Premier League's big six. In one.

While the trips to Emirates and Old Trafford showed encouraging performances, even though it did not avoid defeat, the Blues split against a split Chelsea side, achieving the best points in one of the most challenging areas of the division.

Throughout the ongoing periods, visitors found themselves in the back leg and were forced to take their fair share of the last trench challenges and significant savings, but ultimately no one could have deprived them of their share of the loot.

Everton, who had not scored three points since 1994, tried to take the game to home owners on the opening exchanges, and after a while, he was almost brutally bombarded. The break displays a steady line to make sure that there is no way for an attacking unit that has already pushed its competitors aside this season.

winged back

While Richarlison continues to take part in a central striker role, it seems that there are opportunities to grab wings on the Everton side.

It turned out that Theo Walcott turned into a shift here when he entered the show in Old Trafford, but when he came to provide a breakthrough in the last third place, the best opportunity for him began to beg after a looseness. First touch when selected by Gylfi Sigurdsson.

On the contrary, Bernard's early promises were confronted by a longing for a player who, unfortunately, was his lady, at one end of the gunpowder gunpowder, after a misunderstanding in Manchester United. With such a low sense of gravity.

These processed images contrasted sharply with Ademola Lookman's bright and airy cameo, which replaced Brazil and looked for a real cable car late at night.

England 's winner of the World Cup under the age of 20 this week after being engaged to Gor Mahia by captain Phil Jagielka this week – now Marco Silva has had to breathe on the necks of those who hold the starting jerseys in the wide positions of his team.

Collecting parts

Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford (left) makes a profit in the Premier League game at Stamford Bridge, London.
Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford (left) makes a profit in the Premier League game at Stamford Bridge, London.

Stamford Bridge, former Everton goalkeeper Richard Wright & # 39; s one of the biggest disasters of the "non-usable area – please use a temporary goalkeeper," he injured himself on a sign saying that, apparently in this corner of the West of the West was a place where his soul. .

Wright wasn't as straightforward as many fans who witnessed his time at Goodison Park feared doing nothing while doing much in his career at Manchester City.

The Ipswich-born carer, who has never been on the field for more than four years in Etihad, has gathered buffer controls without having to take a shot.

The world's most expensive goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga and Willy Caballero, played in Argentina in this year's World Cup finals, had the chance to enter the starting series of Maurizio Sarri in the former Stager Rob Green in the pecking order of Chelsea.

See to what extent we've awarded Jordan Pickford

But once Green entered the World Cup finals, a number of England (in South Africa in 2010) proved to be such a high perch, its downfall.

In response, Jordan Pickford has been powered from power since the node was purchased from Gareth Southgate for the tournament in Russia.

As he said earlier, he was there on the occasion of his most expensive peer in the game, but he was a man with a glittering glove, and he was pressured by his super reflexes and coolness, so why not just England, and why Chelsea's so-called enthusiastic This summer, Thibaut told Courtois that Everton had no chance of replacing it.

Barkley – You could've put money on that.

Mateo Kovacic was replaced by Ross Barkley during the Premier League match between Chelsea FC and Everton FC on November 11, 2018 at Stamford Bridge.
Mateo Kovacic was replaced by Ross Barkley during the Premier League match between Chelsea FC and Everton FC on November 11, 2018 at Stamford Bridge.

Picks a rat, snake, or other unwanted & # 39; As an animal, Everton continues to remove the tags for the old Blues brothers Ross Barkley.

Many of them, like the Romelu Lukaku and Ronald Koeman in ECHO, also tell us that they are not interested in stories about such individuals. .

After your talent in this sublime house, you'll have a good salvation & # 39; The fact that many of the Blues really started the Wavertree-born midfielder, even though they didn't succeed in making their obvious gifts, and decided to leave the childhood club.

In January, the rise of departure prices and the lack of understanding of the coaching of the team that feeds him at a young age, increased comments about this year, the rise of Barkley in Chelsea this season cannot be ignored.

Sarri decided to go head-to-head rather than heart, and he started Barkley on the bench, but when his name began to be read, the actor would have no illusions about his current position among his former supporters.

While extensionists pointed to the greed that was thought to be a motivating factor behind the movement, fans of Chelsea responded by saying that they were joining them because Everton wasn't very good. (there were more graphics in the description) but in the end there was Wayne Rooney style. Once on this occasion her only real chance comes back to bite the hand, being fed as a shot of wild long range, the fuss is widely groomed.

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