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Ethiopia: Home Standing on Standing Committee Chair


On Friday, November 9, 2018, Parliament elected eight members of parliament and chaired committees. He rejected the two candidates, but the legislature directed women at half of the eight standing committees.

Former Defense Minister Moutuma Meqassa and Atsibeha Aregawi, nominated for Foreign Affairs and Peace Affairs, and the Revenues, Budget and Financial Committees, respectively, were rejected by parliament.

"The stand showed the importance of parliament's stance in democratization and reform processes," said Misrak Mekonen, president of the Parliamentary Office.

The case was similar to the parliament's consultation on the organization of committees on November 6. After a two-hour debate, the assembly would reduce the number of unanimity committees from 20 to 20, but was unanimously elected to disagree with Motuma and Amanuel's candidacy. Abraham, the deputy government flogged. He also made recommendations to raise the chairmanship of the committees to the ministerial ranks for another session.

Hükümet Our main focus was not on the level that the presidents could serve, but whether the relevant committees could lead the government to effectively control the executive organs, İnşaat said Ashenafi Gaime, deputy for the city. Said. Standing Committee for Shipping & Shipping said to Fortune.

Amanuel was also nominated and chaired to chair the Standing Committees on Justice and Justice and Democracy. Instead, Fozia Amin was nominated and elected by majority vote. The remaining candidates were unanimously accepted.

Four out of 20 standing committee chairmen were approved despite shrinkage.

"Reducing the numbers from 20 to 10 is for the effective use of resources," Parliament Speaker Tagesse Chaffo said. Said.

The standing committee shall have sub-committees ranging from 20 to 43 depending on the nature of the bodies to which the committees are authorized to supervise. The Speaker has the authority to place sub-committees in a total of 334 members.

Women, Youth and Social Affairs; There will be sub-committees on Human Resources and Technology Affairs and under each of the 40 committees under the Agriculture, Pastoralist and Environmental Protection Committees.

Opposition party leaders were skeptical of parliament's decisions on permanent committees.

"The idea behind the strengthening of standing committees to effectively conduct executive committees is commendable," opposition leader Yilikal Getnet said. Idari But nothing has changed because the assembly still cannot control the government's administrative bodies, “he said.

He also doubts the rejection of the two candidates and claims to be more personal than anything that has to do with their professional capacity.

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