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Boeing Problems Security Warning After a Fatal 737 MAX Nosedive


Researchers still A Boeing 737 MAX is working to discover exactly what went wrong on a Lion Air flight in Indonesia on Monday (October 29th) when the MAX dives and kills 189 people on the ship.

The initial findings, however, revealed a possible sensor problem and was sufficient for Boeing to provide safety alerts to all airlines operating these aircraft. This drew attention to how the pilots would deal with confusing readings or irregular actions in flight control. computer And now, the FAA says it weighed behind Boeing's consultant to make it compulsory for US airlines to comply.

Boeing said, girdi The Indonesian National Transport Safety Committee said that the Lion Air flight (610) had incorrect input from one of the AOA (Attack Angle) sensors.

An angle of the attack sensor is what the aircraft computer and its pilots use to determine the amount of lift that the wings make when cutting through the air. If the angle of the attack is too steep, the lifting plane begins to decrease, eventually creating an aerodynamic stop, where there is not enough uplift to keep the plane in the air.

The way of the match is to make the nose of the plane slightly downward, which security systems will be done automatically, while the yoke control is agitated aggressively and loudly as a warning. But if the readings are wrong or inconsistent, both automation and people may be confusing when trying to understand what is going on and trying to understand what they are doing, causing a sharp nose dive. The situation may rise rapidly. Ve These men may have their hands full of airplanes, ing says Les Westbrooks, an aviation science professor at the Embri-Riddle Aeronautical University, and a well-qualified pilot at Boeing 727, an older Boeing commercial jet.

The Lion Air plane crashed into the sea half an hour after the departure. The pilots had requested permission to return to Jakarta airport, but instead of turning the plane they had crashed, they could have passed 600 miles when they hit the water.

Any issue with the 737 MAX relates to the fact that the 737 narrow-bodied jet plane is the world-wide popular model for Boeing, delivering the fourth generation to 219 and sitting on more than 4,700 orders. The fastest-selling aircraft in the history of Boeing. An upgrade to the previous 737 with different discrete blade tips for more efficient motors and better aerodynamics. Boeing started deliveries in May 2017. The largest customers in the US include Southwest and America. Internationally, Air Canada, Lion and Norwegian are all involved in fleets of various Chinese regional airlines.

Boeing did not respond to a statement that this safety alert only affects the MAX-8 model of Lion Air, or whether it has affected MAX-10 from MAX-7. lengths.

So far, the newsletter does not call for inspection or replacement of sensors or computers. Rather, to ensure that they are not dismissed, Boeing repeats what the flight crew should do if it receives incorrect readings. As stated in his paper, i directing the operators to the current flight crew procedures to handle situations in which there are incorrect entries from the AOA sensor Bildir.

"Go back, repeat your workout, remind yourself what to do." Most fundamentally, the right procedures mean what the instruments and warnings say and disregard the plane's stability. Tır The final answer is a known curtain and power adjustment, “says Westbrooks. This level must create flight and buy pilots time to determine which readings are real and failures.

The investigation of the accident continues and may lead to other unified problems besides the sensor failure. The accident, however, also underlines the over-responsibility issue on automated systems. Flight crews have the least experience of how they can handle airplanes with manual flight.

. We've been talking about a few years of pilot hand-flight skills in the industry, West Westbrooks says.

Airway accidents are usually a result of one or more simple failures, followed by confusion within the team, which leads to a situation in which the control is rapidly clinging. In 2009, while flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, it blew up the 227, when Air France killed its plane 447, 228. Air speed sensors on the Airbus A330 have caused the autopilot to be disconnected. The crew tried to fly by hand, but didn't do well enough to straighten the plane.

The airlines that fly the 737 MAX, like the Norwegian plane, say they are not grounding the planes and that aviation experts such as Westbrooks continue to emphasize that flying is a very safe way of transport. . When I get off the plane, I don't have to drive because I'm relaxed, “he says. What Boeing and accident researchers learn from the Lion Air crash should return to safer flying procedures, including potentially pilot training.

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