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40 military generals and intelligence officers linked to METEC were arrested


Kinfe Dagnaw _ METEC
Kinfe Dagnaw
Source: ESAT

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November 10, 2015

The top military industrial complex, the state agency responsible for METEC (Metal and Engineering Company), is the top executive (and often known as military generals) on the 40's, the Ethiopian Correspondent report in the daily newspaper Addis Ababa.

Referring to anonymous sources, the correspondent added that senior METEC management and intelligence officials were arrested for organizing a meeting at the Imperial Hotel in Gerji, near the premises of the so-called Amoraw.

The reason for the arrest of the authorities is unknown and the lists of the arrested authorities have not been disclosed.

However, it is known that the former Somali regional head of state was arrested and detained at the Police Commissioner in Addis Ababa.

This week, Wazema Radio reported that the government has launched a top-secret investigation into corruption scandals, as the government is restructuring.

The news of the arrest came during the days when the evening dress was held with members of the community in Gonder, whose administration had made meaningful reform in the army in terms of leadership composition in the command structure dominated by the ethnic Tigreans. In a report published yesterday, Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) showed what the so-called "sources close to the Prime Minister" was to declare that the military general was terminated.

METEC has invested in a number of sectors in the economy and has become more active in the construction and mechanical engineering sectors. However, the company is usually charged with project completion and major corruption.

Brigadier General Kinfe Dagnaw (pictured above), who served as the director of the company until his resignation in April 2018 following his election as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as Prime Minister, considers the media as EFFECT. corrupt and inadequate.

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