Wednesday , January 27 2021

Zamalek: El Naqaz, Hamed and Kasongo outlets

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The Zamalek club board refused to receive any official or oral bids from the Saudi Jeddah team, Tarek Hamed and Hamdi Al-Naqaz, and announced that the players have continued their ranks in the ranks of the first football team and have no intention of dealing with them. The Board of Directors stated that Zamalek is the best in the relationship with the Jeddah Federation and all Saudi clubs, and that only negotiations between the two clubs will not be carried out through the legal channels. he stressed. Although imagination and empty words are not applied to the technical staff and the Board of Directors and what kind of attraction and offer they intend to offer, it is said to be the same thing as Kasongo Kabongo said to leave, because the trio of the columns of the team, for one.

The chief of the ball, Amir Mortada, started shooting with the rumors and the Almmrozi club and the football team, and the team and players of the battle and plot began to move to the team by stabilizing the team and stabilizing the team, but we will not allow it and we will not be affected by such rumors. Although the success of the team is a source of concern, despite the nose of everyone, we are determined to win against the championships and continue the competition. We will not allow anyone to ruin their career, una adds Hamza, Hamed and Kasongo.

Bassem Morsi will again decide whether to return to Zamalek in January transfer period. Mursi was recently terminated due to hiring and forced him to stay in Egypt in the coming period. Al-Masry told Al-Youm in a special statement: için To solve my position with the White Castle, there will be a meeting that brings me together with Amir Mortada, the general manager of the football sector. Oyuncu

Morsi added: "I will not introduce myself to Zamalek officials, but after my contract with the white fortress Beti and the Greek club broke my contract, I decided it was best to turn white before making a final decision." ”No one wanted me to come back from Zamalek, but if there is a desire, of course I'll be right back, al he said. Araya My club is a favor to me, but if they don't want me to do this, I'll decide my future in another club in six months. Karar He continued: a Of course there are many offers from the Premier League, but I haven't made up my mind yet, I waited for the meeting and look at the offers. "

Tarek Taha, the left back of the Ismaili club, is close to joining the White Fort in the winter of Mirkato. The Swiss coach Christian Gross, who is the team's coach, asked for the need to contract with the left in January to fill the gap on this front because of the lack of inexperienced Ahmed Fattouh and so far Bahaa Magdy level. The Zamalek authorities held intense negotiations with the Darwish administration in the last few hours to accept all the details of the agreement. White Castle officials are trying to obtain the services of the players for a physical fee. There is a possibility that the White Knight player may be lender to the Borrowers. The Zamalek administration believes that Fattou's credit has continuously moved the player through any club in the green rectangle, maintaining his fitness and technical skills and experience, as well as improving the level of the White Fortress until he returns to the ranks.

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