Monday , January 25 2021

Tonight .. Author "90 Minutes" in مجدي صابر ديف محمد الباز

Media server Mohammed Al-Baz, the host of the program
90 minutes in Axis space, author and screenwriter Magdi Saber, in a special dialogue, about months
His artistic work on drama and radio is on Tuesday at 20:00 pm.

Writer and script writer Magdi Saber reveals the highlights.
Art is working on 22 years of continuous spelling for Egyptian drama and radio? And how
Has there been a series of hot Al Mahrousa trips with his first dramatic work in 1996? Until the last work
At the local and Arab level "serial blood chain" has also achieved great success.

Author and script reply Magdy Saber thorny refused to lead the questions why
Egyptian drama? Why did the Egyptian television stop producing art and drama?
Since 2010? What is the danger of halting the production of government drama? Why many theater houses have closed?
And stopped production? And why are they being followed in the courts because of their dramatic work?

Screenwriter Magdy Saber explains the most outstanding rewards in her career. And his relationship
Egyptian art and drama, directed by late artist Nur Sharif and Abla
And Sabrien and Ahmed Abdel Aziz and late Osama Anwar Okasha and others .. also directed a team posts
The stars were the reasons of the professional art world because of the successful works of art.

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