Saturday , January 16 2021

Three thieves were seized because he stole a car in Ismailia

The security services of the Ismailiye Police Department, together with the police officers of the AbuSuir police station, arrested three thieves who stole a cab in difficult conditions.

Muhammad Ali Hüseyin, the general director of the Ismail Police Department, stated that the Director of the Penal Enforcement Office, Brigadier General Mohamed Fawzi, informs AbuSuir Police Station Brigadier General Hisham Marwan, who called in Wasef 39 and aw 21 years İs. received notification. Car No. (9695) Ismailia taxi in its own Hyundai brand and Huawei brand mobile phone.

A research team was established under the supervision of the Governor's investigative director, Major General Essam Attwan: Abu Swayer and his collaborators, Marwan El Tahawy, the investigating director of Captain Ahmed Jamal, Ahmed Tolba and Mohamed Rabie.

The investigation team, accused "Ibrahim AL" 22, "accused" Ismail AA, "25 years old unemployed" and accused of "Mohammed." 22-year-old unemployed, "all residents of Abu Sweir center.

After the legalization of the proceedings, the first defendant was arrested. The first defendant had a firearm (a Russian person) and three shots. The second defendant had a white weapon (knife) and a Huawei mobile phone.

The second defendant, determined to have a white weapon for defense purposes, obtained his cell phone from theft, and all of them stole the car and kept it until it was dismantled.

The police were confiscated and the suspects arrested and informed about the investigation and judicial proceedings.

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