Friday , August 19 2022

This year's budget is the largest budget since the founding of the union.


The head of Egyptian pharmacists, Dr. Mohieldin Obeid said this year's union budget is the biggest in history. CreateSaid for 269 ​​million pounds. Permission Provide good and acceptable services for members.

"He added "Obaid", the opening ceremony of the new center of Kafr El-Sheikh pharmacists at a press conference between the number of pharmacists in Egypt, 235 thousand pharmacists, 42 thousand 500 for a pharmacist while passing the number of pharmacies, 73 thousand pharmacists, pharmacies, the number of citizens 137 thousand reached the citizen. 100 million, that is, Egyptian pharmacists have a great load over Serving 100 million Egyptian in free pharmacies and government.

He added that "Obaid" of "General Union of Pharmacists" succeeded in this Council, in which the board and the opening of the 7 is held. Clubs And the new headquarters of unity with large areas instead of narrow spaces that do not exceed two rooms and a hall.

The new clubs will be the club: "Cairo – Giza – Suez – Red Sea – Assiut – El Gharbia – Me Suef. "Good branches of trade union centers" Sharqia, Qena, Minya, Kafr El Sheikh, Assiut, Fayoum ".

It is clear that the union supports a large number of humanitarian and emergency cases with amounts ranging from 13 to 14 million pounds per year, and fires that burn pharmacies, such as accidents caused by the death of pharmacists or serious injuries.

Obaid, the pharmacist to solve the problems of pharmacological examination or abuse many times to intervene in the intervention and the two pharmacists followed the family of two pharmacists, followed by a case of death, he said.

The Egyptian Pharmacists' Union confirmed that the union supports pharmacists in job description, many of which have reached managers or managers of hospital departments. over Only the doctors and the union managed to move their profit margin from 20% to 25% with companies, factories and stores, how much the pharmacist's pension reached 800. pound Only after 400 pounds.

Dean of Caucasus Pharmacists Mohy Obeid, Ministry of Health Undersecretary. Faisal Gouda, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Ramadan Al-Domany, Chairman of the Association of Pharmacists Union, in the presence of Kafr El-Sheikh University, and the current chairman of the Association, Capt. Ibrahim El-Gendy, Nahy Abdel Rahman Al-Cazar Board of Directors Jaber Atta, former Captain, Dr. Wael El-Feki professor Director of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery and Health Hospitals at the University of Kafr Al-Sheikh. Mohamed Kamal and dozens of pharmacists participated in the opening of the new headquarters of the Pharmacists Association Kafr El-Sheikh.

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