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The stock market gets 2.8 billion pounds during the week, a cumulative decline in the index


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Thursday 15 November 2018 – 10:59
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Thursday 15 November 2018 – 10:59

During the week, the stock market reached 779.6 billion EG last year, an increase of 77% compared to LE 776.8 billion.

The weekly report of the Egyptian Stock Exchange indicates that the performance of major and secondary market indices fell together, the main market index "EGX30" decreased by 0.37 percent to 13682 points, while the "EGX70" index of small and medium-sized shares was 1 percent. He showed up at 11. 695 points, and the large EGX-100 index fell 1.27 percent to 1,738 points.

This week, the increase in the volume of transactions in the circulation of 6 billion 7 thousand pounds through 8 thousand 7 billion pounds of 8.6 billion pounds reached and reached a total of 6.6 billion pounds according to the total value of circulation and last week, 151 thousand transactions reached 1.413 billion tons, he said.

The report pointed out that the Nil Securities Exchange has traded 5.8 million euros in turnover and 11.3 million paper transactions in 1071 transactions.

He stated that the total intra-cabin trade value of the funds constitutes 73.41%, the bonds constitute 26.59%.

Egyptian investors accounted for 62.33% of total market transactions, while 18.85% of non-Arab foreign investors and 18.81% of the Arabs were excluded from the deal.

Net purchases of non-Arab foreign investors amounted to 1,053 billion EGP, while Arab investors recorded net sales of EGP 436,56 million after being excluded from the agreement.

Non-Arab foreign investors made net purchases of EGG 6,992 billion from the beginning of the year, while the Arabs made 516.7 million EGP purchases in the same period.

The institutions added 55.88% of the transactions on the stock exchange and added that the rest of the transactions accounted for 44.12% of individuals.

The institutions made net purchases of EGP 441.40 million after being excluded from the agreement.

With regard to the bond market, the report showed that the total value was 1.878 billion TL and the total bond reached approximately 1.854 million bonds.

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