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The member of the Tourism Chamber revealed the reasons for the decline in the birth of the … Masrawy



November 15, 2018

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Ali Al-Manstri, Member of the Board of Directors of the Company Chambers, praised the role of the Ministry of Tourism and the High Committee of Hajj and Umrah as they completed their preparations for the first Umrah flights to be launched on Thursday.

On Thursday, the first Umrah flights for the new season start at 1440, returning to work throughout the year, after a three-year hiatus, with poor participation throughout the season.

Al-Manstri told Lamasrawi that the decision to open the Umrah early gave companies time to complete their procedures and to market their programs, but the weakness of demand was that the citizens were Rajab, Shaanjan, and Umrah in Ramadan. that's why they didn't think it opened earlier this year. .

Among the reasons for this, Umrah's Umrah pilgrimage according to Umrah's rules explained that the pilgrims have also included the high prices of air tickets, fares, services and visas in addition to the students who pay for the transportation fee to the Umrah.

The member of the Ministry of Tourism invites the Egyptian Air to lower the prices of air tickets, due to the high demand for the Umrah in the middle of the academic year, so that citizens who wish to do the Umrah do their job.

During the season, 15 flights will be run, starting from the flight of the Holi flights until the month of Ramadan will end, the number of visas for the season will be 500 thousand visas, 200 thousand visas from November 15 to January 21 to 200 thousand viola will be run. From January 21 through the month of Ramadan, a visa to 100,000 visas will be held by the end of the month of Sha & # 39; ban.

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