Thursday , May 19 2022

The end of the era of "Gasoline Ghalaba" … The government, for the first time, reveals the details of the plan to annul the 80 and 92!


Egyptian newspaper Veto says it is expected to witness a major movement in the oil and gas market in Egypt in the coming period. The Egyptian Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources is eager to improve the support system in Egypt in the coming period, especially by ensuring the resources responsible for the changes in oil levels in the Egyptian market at levels 80 and 92.

Petroleum Minister Tarik al Mulla, previously within the ministry of oil to change 80 oil and has been announced in the coming period is a study on converting to 87 oil.

According to official sources at the General Petroleum Corporation, the Egyptian market is expected to replace 80 to 87 oil, is suitable for some modern cars and has a high octane level and is expected to be more suitable for cars in the Egyptian market.

The report also reveals that it is a plan to cancel the oil out of 92 and convert it into just 95. This means that 95 oil in the Egyptian market will receive a new price.

At the beginning of the year, the oil ministry said it would not be possible to make a new increase in gasoline, diesel and fuel prices in the current fiscal year.

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