Tuesday , July 27 2021

The end of Sohag University Student Association

Rector of Sohag University Dr. Ahmed Aziz, the faculty level of the selection of members of the federation committee of 10 faculties of student unions announced the end of the re-election.

He said the process of voting for the second consecutive day was calm and fair, and that the number of students who voted on during the days when nearly 4300 students returned.

At the end of the voting, the polls were counted and the balloting started. The selection of the members of the seven committees, science faculty, nursing, veterinary medicine, al-Alsun, physical education, etc. In order to fill them and to reach the percentages determined by the electoral list, the higher schools that have not completed the qualification stage, the number of candidates at the committee level shall be completed in order to achieve competence in all teams in accordance with the administrative regulations of the Student Union. College of Education, Arts, Commerce and Law.

On Tuesday, November 13, it is worth mentioning that the elections will start at university faculties for the members of the commission and their assistants.

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