Tuesday , December 1 2020

The beginning of the third session of the film festival for children on Saturday, 1718

Launch of the third session of the Children's Film Festival at the train station 1718 News feed –

Maji Anwar, director of the Children's Film Festival, announced the launch of the third edition of the festival, which will be held on Saturday and will be held after 6:00 pm at the Darb 1718 Cultural Center in Fustat.

Maggie added that a series of children's films have been selected to compete for the awards of the festival, which belongs to different countries of the world. She emphasized that the films collected for two hours were designed not to lengthen the presentation time, as child viewers could not prevent the cinema from watching it for longer than hours.

He was struck by the fact that he didn't use members of a panel of filmmakers like the last two sessions, and that he gave children the chance to choose the best film and become a master jury to professionally judge the study as a professional filmmaker and encourage them to make their own films. She presented the festival to attract the children to the film and to spread the idea of ​​expressing her ideas and dreams.

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