Friday , November 27 2020

State to hit iron support in corruption file

Minister of Housing, Public Services and Urban Communities; Mustafa Madbouli gave a speech in the presence of a number of ministers and envoys during the participation of the third conference of "Bakaful and Karama" under the heading "From Protection to Production".

At the beginning of his speech, Mustafa Madbouli is proud of his contribution to the celebration of three years of conditional monetary support program etkili Takaful and Dignity ın since its inauguration. About 9.5 million citizens.

Medbouli stated that the poverty rates of these families were calculated according to the indicators determined by the Ministry of Social Welfare and the scientific and statistical criteria based on the poverty maps published by the Center for Public Mobilization and Statistics in an effort to improve the social security system.

"Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, many countries around the world, including Egypt, have been subjected to radical transformations linked to challenging social, economic, political and cultural conditions, both globally and locally, resulting in restructuring of the national economy and adjustment of economic and social policies." In many of these countries, it has sought to adopt integrated social policies in which support and protection activities combine job creation, unemployment reduction, improvement of basic services and infrastructure, and the development of social institutions. Transparency and accountability at various levels. "

He pointed out that the CCT program was a response to the Egyptian government's approach to social justice policies and eased the pressure of life under the poverty line families as a result of recent economic reform measures adopted by the state for a more balanced restructuring of the economy. Extensive and sustainable development and establishment of community peace in general.

In I would like to consider the impact of the program on investing in human capital and to provide health services for children under six years of age and to contribute to people by following the reproductive health of mothers. 18-year schooling and attendance monitoring to increase interest in education in villages and centers.

Dr. Mustafa Madbouli stressed that the government does not consider social protection programs as a charity, but that families adopt a development perspective that emphasizes the necessity of their parents to fulfill their obligations, especially in health, education and nutrition. Wheel development Indicates that social protection is a right that embodies the social contract between the state and the citizen and promotes national cohesion through a series of social solidarity mechanisms based on dayan state, private and private ”social justice and equality. Economic and social fragility and prevention of further shock.

He added: arasında We are talking about an urgent problem that threatens economic growth and development efforts, resulting in an imbalance between population, resources and services, and the failure to adopt population inflation and effective family planning policies in Egypt. The 2018 Summary of Statistics, published by the Central Agency for Public Mobility and Statistics, shows that the annual increase of the population exceeds 2.5 million people exceeding the number of countries, and this necessitates a defect in density development. Ales ships and the demographic distribution, and affecting the characteristics of the negative population, put Viswe in the spread of ignorance, eroded water, electricity, sewage and transportation facilities, resulting in a reduction in the income level of national and per capita income, respectively, the share of health and education services and its share in national income. What developments are we talking about? According to international figures and statistics, Egypt achieves the highest growth rate in the Middle East, but not enough, because the population growth is eating at these rates.

Medbouli explained that social protection cannot be seen as an alternative concept of traditional social care, which maintains the negative perspective of the citizen and the idyllic perspective of the state. This has helped spread the culture of kavram addiction geleneksel for years, damaging the state and disrupting market forces. This requires us to consider new protection mechanisms, to meet the needs of the simple, to protect their dignity, and to invest in citizens who can work.

Prime Minister Mustapha Madbouli stressed the need for harmonious efforts of the state to reduce population growth by increasing family awareness or providing health and family planning tools and emphasized that focus should be on quality rather than quantity. We must rationalize the sources of support for the benefit of healthy, educated and productive citizens, particularly the interests of the family and the conscious families that maximize the interests of the nation in general.

In this context, the Prime Minister announced that cash support services would be limited to only two children, not three children per family that started in January 2019. It is not fair that the government does not allow large families to need the support of large families. Next year, we will announce the need to follow rational social policies based on logic and the need to rely on existing resources and not address our needs that increase population growth.

Medbouli also stressed that the Ministry of Social Solidarity has made great efforts in the continuous purification processes for supporting beneficiaries and that other families and categories that are not working or not are excluded, and praised the continuous support of the Administrative Control Authority for updating and updating its efforts and databases. Or other ministries with the same support, the state, whether perpetrators, officials, workers, or citizens, the support file in the corruption file, be careful to hit with iron.

The prime minister emphasized the need for further efforts to ensure a rapprochement between development and social protection in order to promote the lives of low-income people and transform them from their consumers into government services producers, pointing out that this will be achieved only by coordination between the private sector, civil society, financial institutions and associations. . Investors, the industrial modernization center, chambers of commerce, banks and other partner organizations all have the burden of economic growth.

We cannot talk about social protection from the 2014 constitution, which recognizes the right to social protection as a constitutional right. The future is Egypt.

The Prime Minister, after the Ministry of Social Welfare has started the "Farsa" training and employment program, the employment and employment policies of current economic reforms, pricing, subsidies, wages, social protection of employees, existing production options, investment quality, taxation system and so on. To avoid the negative consequences of «low income». To establish social security networks with a strong developmental impact.

The State has taken various measures within this year, including the social protection system, in particular the establishment of minimum pensions, the implementation of the Health Insurance Act, the completion of hospital waiting lists, and the dissemination of reproductive health services. Beneficiaries of the ration cards, child milk care, food price control, the presence of various soft credit programs, the completion of the development of unsafe slums, the extension of the village health services, the extension of accommodation social and low income Youth.

He stressed that social protection is the cornerstone of the government reform program, which focuses on a portion of the budget savings taken from reform measures, especially on food support and social cash transfer expenditures to beneficiaries in maintaining social allocation and allocations. For low-income people, insurance and food, health insurance and infrastructure investments focus on the approach to social protection aimed at helping poverty come out of the poverty crisis. By allocating a business culture and accusing the excessive and irresponsible consumer culture in their development duties.

In turn, the Prime Minister thanked everyone who contributed to the success of the social protection programs in Egypt from an intimate national and humanitarian doctrine, government officials, the civilian sector and international partners, all of whom were responsible for us.

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