Thursday , May 19 2022

Snap Chat adds Friendship Profile to highlight your friends in the app


SnapShat has added a new feature that allows them to access all the files shared with users in one place.Friendship Profile, To celebrate their friendship with friends like Facebook.

According to the website engadget In the US, the new feature allows friends to view personal images of images, videos, and links of sites in one place, and users can access the new feature by clicking on each user's icon.the Bitmoj"And then the shared content of friendship will appear.

It is a list of images, videos, shared files and links that will be a user name and icon image at the top, and then make it easy to easily access any file, and is very similar to the situation in Messenger and Telegram, as any user can click on the account. A friend who can see all the content shared between them.

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