Monday , June 14 2021

Smoker # Pregnant Mother Infected Baby # with «Sleeping»

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – According to a recent scientific study, the mother's smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of birth by 46 percent, one of the most common eye diseases in children.

According to the American medical website "HealthDayNews", the mother's smoking was associated with 10 cigarettes a day during her pregnancy and increased a child's risk by 79%.

In children with strabismus, the eyes are not properly aligned with each other, and this can contribute to poor vision and psychological problems when the child is dealing with others.

Dr. Huazhong, chief researcher at the China University of Science and Technology. Zukson, "during pregnancy, the mother's smoking is an important public health problem especially in developed countries and eye health impact deserves our attention," he said.

Researchers stated that smoking during pregnancy increased congenital anomalies, rabbit lips, heart failure in children, and risk of premature birth, as well as increased blood sugar levels.

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