Tuesday , October 26 2021

September 30.. “Lawyers” hold a conference on the future of the profession in Egypt and the Arab world


Bar Association President Ragai Attia announced that the Egyptian Bar Association is preparing to celebrate the 30 September Lawyer’s Day under the heading “The future of the legal profession in Egypt and the Arab world”.

In his statements, he drew attention to the participation of members and bar associations in the Arab world in the celebration, providing the opportunity for each union to express itself and to express itself, provided that senior lawyers in the Arab world speak. public dialogue.

Pointing out that the current situation is not based on any basis, the President of the Bar Association decided to stop the request for the working years of the retired lawyer or those who are entitled to a pension for proof of work related to their working years. He humiliates and insults the lawyer or those who are entitled to a pension in case of death, ignores their legally inalienable rights and undoubtedly loses them.

Attia added: “There is absolutely no basis for a lawyer or pensioner to require proof of employment for each year they are actually registered on the employed list and not transferred to the absence program. ”

We found that his decision came after reviewing the recent practice of requiring proof of employment from a retired lawyer or his heirs in the event of his death for each year of employment actually identified in his union file, and that this habit that has been hit in recent years includes all the principles, values ​​and traditions of the legal profession – any law or not based on customary basis, but contrary to the law. humiliation and assistance in the event of the death of the lawyer or those entitled to a pension, and the negation and nullification of their legally inalienable rights.

He emphasized that there is absolutely no basis for a lawyer or retiree to request an employment certificate, and that it is not transferred to the non-work schedule for each year in which he is registered in the list of actually employed.

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