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Security has revealed details of circulating sexual videos of two women in Sharqia.



Sunday, October 17, 2021

Books – Alaa Umran:

The security services of the Ministry of Interior, in coordination with the Sharkia Police Department, uncovered the conditions for the circulation of indecent videos via the WhatsApp application in the Abu Kabir region.

Security services had monitored the circulation of a man committing immoral acts with a woman, as well as several video clips with a woman, among the villagers of the Abu Kabir Police Station in Al Sharqiya, through the “WhatsApp” application. circulation of another video where a girl appears in an immoral and immoral image.

In the examination made by the security teams of the Sharkia Police Department, the suspect (residing in the Abu Kabir police station) appeared in the video clip in question, and it was determined that the woman named in the same video clip was residing. at the same address as “relative of the suspect.” The girl who appeared in the clip was also identified in the other video (residing in the same region).

After legalizing the procedures, the housewife – the girl was arrested, and during their discussion, the housewife accused the first accused of filming her if they committed immoral acts without her knowledge and spread the video among the villagers and the girl. He decided that there was a relationship between him and someone on the social network and that he shot a clip. The second video was of his own accord and he sent the examined video to him on the promise of marrying him, but he was surprised that he posted the video without the woman’s knowledge.

Legal measures have been taken and efforts are intensifying to catch the first suspect.

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