Tuesday , July 27 2021

Salah sells the memories about «Frasha» .. Halwa Zaman

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A small area not exceeding two meters can be found in all the stores of Halawa Al-Mouloud, the latest applause and candy varieties, including a man in his forties, a body and a high school, sitting on Salah Bab al-Bahr Street. is surrounded by factories and exported to many places in and around Cairo. Where it sell brides and horses "sweetness", the place looks like a mattress for visitors.

"At the same time, a 50-year-old woman stands with her children and talks to the bride about her memories. A young man takes thirty photographs with her. The majority sees her as an ancient period," says Salah. «Old Arais dei just sells antiques, as a hobby, because he likes the person, I love to walk in supreme and consultation even if people can be purchased even bought purchases».

Throughout the year, he worked in a paper shop. Ama I had time to sell plastic bags, but I didn't have enough money, ama he says, adding that before the birth of the Prophet, he went to several factories producing these old desserts and recommended a few of them. You say I'm selling an ancient heritage. "

From 3 pounds to 25 pounds, the bride says, için Of course, the prices are symbolic ve and adds, «It takes a great deal of time to get one and enjoy eating when you taste it;.

Salah also sells desserts, he is ready to lose a pound for 30 pounds: fır Bbaz Ali Zi and Oz are eating and Miramsh is himself 39 turned into a large shop specializing in selling Time in front of the lean brush between shops' giants. .

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