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Residents of Qalyub complain to the health minister about the length of the waiting period and charge for the tests.

Khaled Mohammed

22 November 2018 – 12:55 Thursday
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22 November 2018 – 12:55 Thursday

A number of residents of the Qalioub province complained about Qalyub fire in the fundraising hospital for analysis of the President's initiative to eliminate C Virus, while waiting for analysis and treatment.

The Minister of Health In addition to overseeing Zayed's various health units, Qalyoubia governor of Qalyoubia under the Qalyoubia incursion of the Qalyubia catastrophe, the Qalyoub igniter of the hospital. Alaa Abdel Halim & # 39; s accompanied by the review.

The health minister decided that the administration of the hospital would be held responsible for the crime and that the matter be sent to the investigation. Ula Da Menfech and Histarde payment to each patient was made and the authorities will be held responsible.

Minister of Health and Minister of Population Still, Zayed began investigating a number of research points to the governorate of Qalioubia to attempt to identify non-communicable diseases under the slogan of ından 100 million health ından in the health unit to ensure the President's C virus is destroyed and health care is at the highest level. .

The minister said that the first phase of the initiative, which started on November 9th in November 1st and will be in November 2018, is part of a series of field visits in the governorships of the first phase of the initiative and that the presidential initiative came within the framework of field follow-up. .

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