Monday , November 18 2019
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Raya Abi Rashid with enchanting views in London

Artist Raya Abi Rashid published photos on her official page on Instagram while in London, and had a very elegant and attractive look expressed by all followers.

Aya It's not wrong to be a tourist in your city. I am now in London at this time of year. ”

Raya Abi Rashid wore a wide pants and a black velvet dress underneath a jacket of the same color and shape with dark gold stripes designed by fashion designer Me Williams.

Beautician Elent Sommak put some simple touches to emphasize the beauty of Raya Abi Rashid's features, she chose black eyeliner, gold and brown eye shadow and beige lipstick.

Raya Abu Rashid finished her look by selecting a few simple touches of accessories. Underneath she wore two soft cubes, a black boot and a simple flower restaurant.

Here are the photos that emphasize the details of the view ..

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