Tuesday , October 4 2022

Q: What is the meaning of the Quito Diet and its rules?


There are many diets for those who want to get rid of excess weight or to take a tight body or change your diet and get a health system, and provide the body with the nutrients it needs, Have you heard anything about the "Quito" system? ..

During this report you will learn the Quito Diet system. ruled. Up"Said.

What is Quito Diet?

Quito Diet is a low carbohydrate diet that produces ketones of the liver to be used as energy in the body, while another diet name is a low carbohydrate diet.

What is the nature of the Quito Diet?

When you eat high carbohydrates, your body will produce glucose and insulin. Glucose is known as the easiest molecule to transform and use the energy to be selected in another energy source. Glucose in the blood circulation taking around the body.

Because glucose is used as a core energy, the body's oil is not required and is therefore stored.

What is the benefit of the Quito Diet?

The diets we eat are high in carbohydrates, use main glucose as body energy, but while consuming low carbohydrate foods, the body is forced to activate liver cells and to destroy the fats in the liver known as ketosis.

It has many benefits such as weight loss and increasing energy levels that affect the body, reduces the fat content and regulates the rates of chronic diseases such as cholesterol and sugar, increases concentration and strengthens memory.

What is the purpose of following the Quito Diet?

The ultimate goal of the Quito diet is to force your body into cells, reduce the body's fat content and then follow it to relieve body fats.

Which foods are allowed in the Quito Diet?

Eat the boiled or grilled meats, vegetables and berries you want, but be careful not to eat too much rice, bread or pasta.

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