Saturday , July 31 2021

"Presentation" reveals the reality of cancellation of the friendly match between Egypt and UAE

Egyptian sports sponsor Presence Sports confirmed rumors that the cancellation of the friendly match between Egypt and the UAE, scheduled for November 20 in Abu Dhabi, was unsubstantiated by some trade rights issues.

A source in the company noted that the UAE has shown its usual co-operation from the very first moment and that it has not faced any problems with these rights and emphasized the decision of the Foundation to postpone the friendly return to its technical staff.

The source stresses the fact that the Football Federation and its technical staff have decided to postpone the meeting, speaking about the connection between the professionals and Ahli's Al Wasl UAE, and explaining Gabaliyya's appreciation. He stressed what this was and that it required all professional players and team stars to participate.

He said the leaders, led by Chairman Mohammed Kamel, agreed with the officials of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the UAE Football Association in all the details of the big friendship meeting, but all responded by coach Javier Aguirre at the end of the meeting and included a signing contract with the federation. The text requires the approval of the technical staff before any action or agreement with the team's work, and we therefore comply with the company to decide to postpone the meeting at a later date.

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