Tuesday , July 27 2021

On the anniversary of his death .. 5 stars stood in front of Mahmoud Abdul Aziz

Ileri Without the different tastes of the goods, için an argument proving that the disagreements on the issue were normal and that each commodity was a healthy phenomenon for their customers, but it was not at the technical level in Egypt, where people agreed to love some stars. Which everyone would have liked to make use of.

On the second anniversary of his death, we watch the most well-known names of stars who stood in front of Mahmud Abdel Aziz, the Egyptian cinema wizard, on Monday.

Mona Zaki
Although the artist has been standing in front of art giants like Ahmed Zaki, in the film "Tolu Dessert" and "Sedat Days", Adel Imam and Nour Al Sharif and Yousra and Mahmoud Hamida and Mirfat Amin and Mohammed Hneidi Ahmed Al Sakka in their generation and Mustafa Saban and Ahmad Participating in the films of the stars of the stars; Hilmi and Karim Abdelaziz and the stars in the drama Yahya Al Fakhrani, Mahmoud Morsi, Mustafa Fahmi, Sameha Ayoub, Kamal Al Shennawi and Salah El Saadani, but did not participate in the work of one of the late star Mahmud Abdel Aziz.

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Mahmut Kabil and Elham Shaheen, starring Jasmine Al Hayat and Mervat Amin and Kadir Ashera, starring Maali Zayed, and Ahmed Hilmi, Abdul Abdel Baki, starring Abdul Abdel Baki. The drama in front of Talaat Zakaria, Mohamed Ragab, Mohamed Saad, Salah Abdullah, Hassan El Radad, Zafer El Abidine and Samira Ahmed and Sanaa Jameel.

Ghada Adel
Artist Ghada Adel participated in various works of art belonging to youth cinema, but in 1997 she was the director of the film n Ibn Al-Consul eserler and Sheikh Salih, who was the director of; Ibn Al-Consul in and Yahya Al Fakharani. Adel stood in front of the head of Imam. His artistic career has witnessed a film contest with Mohamed Henedi, Ahmed al-Sakka, Ahmed Ezz, Ala Wali El Din, Mohamed Saad, Khaled Abou El Naga, Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Rizk, Mohamed Ragab, Hamada Halal and Hani Ramzy. Once in Abdulaziz.

Throughout her artistic career, artist Zaina has taken on various roles and has been able to withstand most of the art giants such as Al-Al Hamam Abu and Nour Al Sherif in Salah Al Saadani. Allam, "and Shatt Alexandria" in the series of Mamdouh Abdel-Alim, Ahmed Saga, Ahmed Ezz, Ahmed Hilmi, Mohamed Saad, Tamer Hüsnü, Hani Ramzi, but played in a film that does not stand in front of Mahmoud Abdel Aziz. took place.

دنيا سمير اانم
Despite her first appearance with Yildiz Yahya Al Fakharani, actress Donia Samir Ghanem joined the stars of lar Justice in Many Faces Ab and “Abbas Al Abyad on Dark. Rağmen In front of many great stars and young people, especially Mervat Amin. he stood in front of him. Mohamed Henedi, Mohamed Ramadan, Ahmed Helmy, Ahmed Mekki and Ahmed Ezz, Cabaret and Al Farah.

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