Tuesday , September 28 2021

Nurse’s daughter, a doctor’s victim, prostration to a dog: A strong father and crisis-responsible

Mai Adel Selim, daughter of Ain Shams University doctor who was the subject of an investigation with the decision of the Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the bullying incident, which shook social networking sites in the last hours, said: He said that he was in good health at the time, but his condition was stable and he was discharged from the hospital.

And the nurse’s daughter, Adel Salem, added Mays Al-Hadidi in the show “The Last Word” presented on a screen by the media. ON“My dad was worried about us because of the repercussions of the video clip, but I’d rather say my dad is the most precious thing in our lives and we’re very proud of him and he’s very tired of it,” she said. We.”

And the nurse’s daughter, Adel Salem, continued: “My brothers and I have been honored by him and he is a great person and I tell him to raise his head enough so that you do not get angry with our Lord. After the clip aired, we and his family did not leave him for a moment and, God willing, he was in crisis. can face it.”

And the nurse’s daughter, Adel Salem, cried: I said to my father, raise your head, this is a need beyond your control and I am strong and I support you and I am his eldest daughter and I am 22 years old. old, graduated from Ayn Şems University Faculty of Law, the youngest is in his second year of Faculty of Law, Ayn Şems, my younger brother is in the sixth grade of primary school.

The nurse’s daughter, Adel Salem, said, “My brothers will normally go to college and raise my head,” and said that her family’s reaction was different and this was normal. Negative ones, thank God anyway.

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