Thursday , July 29 2021

Minister of Industry: Egyptian government undertakes Partnership Agreement with the European Union

Trade and Industry Minister Müh. Amr Nassar confirmed the government's commitment to fully fulfill all the requirements of the partnership agreement between Egypt and the European Union. The treaty added that since the entry into force of the agreement in 2010, the EU has put in a special treatment to reduce tariffs on cars imported from the EU..

He added that the government wants full implementation of the partnership agreement between the European Union and the European Union on customs duties between Egypt and the European Union next year, adding value to investments by focusing on increasing the production of automotive components in Egypt.

This was in the presence of the Minister of Trade and Industry, Amr Nassar, at a meeting of the Shoun Economic Committee in the House of Representatives, under the chairmanship of Engineer Ahmed Samir.

Minister of Finance Mohammad Maayt, emphasizing the government's commitment to the full implementation of the agreement, pointing out that there is coordination between the ministries of industry and finance in terms of the status of the automobiles, and said that the other side of the Convention is the work of the Ministry of Industry on the move in line with the implementation of the Convention for the implementation of the Convention. . Motor vehicles and added value for the automotive parts industry in Egypt.

The Minister of Industry added that the components of the cars in Egypt are produced at acceptable prices, and the ministry is focusing on increasing production in this field, with the full implementation of customs duties on automobiles starting from its current years.

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