Wednesday , November 25 2020

"Local Parliament" demonstrates transition achievements to digital government

MP Yusra Al-Assiouti, a member of the local government committee in the House of Representatives, stressed the importance of the rapid implementation of the recommendations of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on the transformation of the digital government, pointing out that the transformation to the digital government would have many benefits for the Egyptian society.

A member of the Local Government Committee in the House of Representatives, according to the ine seventh day, ine states that the paper government has contributed to the time-saving, the speed in practice and the quality and quality of the work and the lack of a number of ministerial ministries.

The President's emphasis on the government's transition to the digital government, which is a member of the House Administrative Committee of the House of Representatives, increases the government's efforts to implement public demands.

President Abdel Fetih al-Sisi emphasized the high priority of the ICT sector in the country's plans and strategies, taking into consideration the vital role of the state in the economic and social development process, aiming at using the latest technologies to implement the projects in this field..

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