Thursday , May 19 2022

Jordan – Why Cancer Is Most Fatty?


(MENAFN – Khaberni) – Some scientists have discovered that obese people are more likely to develop cancer, because fat has blocked the path to the immune system.

Scientists have discovered the underlying cause of the link between obesity and cancer: a study by the Brigham and Women's Hospital in the United States found that too much body fat has destroyed the "natural killer" cells we need to fight tumors.

These cells are "soldiers" used by the body to destroy cancerous tissues, but they can stop working due to fat, which can damage immune cells, send signals to the body, thereby increasing the likelihood of cancer and increasing the number of infected cells.

Scientists have discovered that excessive fats inhibit the functioning of natural killer cells in humans because this blockage does not prevent these killer cells from identifying cancer cells, but prevents them from killing them.

Dr Dukes, an immunology professor at Trinity College, Dublin. I When people become obese, they kill the killing mechanism in their natural killer cells as long as they kill them, L said Lydia Lynch.

Scientists hope they can find drug treatments that can revitalize "deadly natural cells." The results of the study, by highlighting the metabolic pathways of immunity, can provide the re-metabolism in natural killer cells to maintain the anticancer activity and improve the results. treatment.


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