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Iraqi dinar exchange rate on 12/11/2018 Monday .. The average price of dollars against Iraqi currency

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The exchange rate for Iraqi Dinar's Iraqi dinar on Monday, 12/11/2018. On Monday, November 12, 2018, the average price of dollars against Iraqi money from Arab News.

We watch the exchange rates against Iraqi Dinar on Monday morning 12/11/2018 and follow the price from time to time, Arab currencies, Egyptian pounds, Saudi Arabian Riyal, UAE Dirham and all prices, foreign currencies such as dollar, euro and pound . Arab four homeowners.

And we are constantly following all the prices through the tables we have updated and we are trying to convey the image from the Iraqi economy and we know what is coming to the Iraqi currency and we are following you on the renewed site.

Exchange Rates for Iraqi Dinar Currency Rates Today

money Iraqi exchange rate
Egyptian Pound 66.97 Iraqi Dinar
Riyal 318.83 Iraqi dinar
United Arab Emirates Dirham Iraqi Dinar
Sudan Pound 25.06 Iraqi Dinar
Algerian Dinar Iraqi Dinar
US Iraqi Dinar
NE Iraqi Dinar

Exchange rates against Iraqi denarii on 12/11/2018 Monday

money Iraqi exchange rate
dollar Iraqi Dinar
euro Iraqi Dinar
£ 1547.63 Iraqi Dinar
Japanese Yen Iraqi Dinar

We are watching all the different prices in the Iraqi denar exchange rate against the Arab and foreign currencies, we watch the price updates from time to time We are watching the price of euros, dollars and all prices, and you can save the article to your favorites for more information.

We would like to thank our visitors, visitors, our trust and presence, and we guarantee that you provide something new and important from all reliable sources of information (exchange rates against the Iraqi denial on Monday, 12/11/2018. responsible.
Source: Arab News

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