Saturday , May 21 2022

Intense preparation to secure the match between Egypt and Tunisia and .. only for ticket holders


Ambassador Mohamed El Sherif, Deputy Security Minister of Alexandria, organized an extended security meeting with representatives of the Northern Military District, Security Directorate leaders, security services, representatives of the Egyptian Football Federation, representatives of Falcon and representatives of the Alexandria Governorate. Tomorrow at the Burj Al Arab Stadium.

The security plan was developed on several major axes, starting from the intensification of security services across the stadium, in addition to the police facilities to eliminate all concerns around the stadium and to prevent any problems, as well as traffic safety department from the traffic department and traffic safety department and various security points of the traffic safety department. A person from the public road and the abolition of abandoned vehicles and inspecting people around the stadium and commissioning the Criminal Investigation Department to prevent any unauthorized person from entering the stadium outside the ticket holders.

Deploying the members of the Civil Protection Department to all the entrances to the stadium and using metal detectors for good sterilization of the stadium from the inside and outside.

The plan also included establishing regular security services, static privacy, patrols and patrols on the roads leading to the stadium, and observing the security situation of the two teams and promptly informing any grade.

In addition to the mobile security notices of the Central Security and Criminal Investigation groups, together with the armed forces, for the immediate and rapid response in the event of a threat for security, Egyptian tickets that are not allowed to enter without inviting anyone to enter the game and are allowed to enter according to the statements taken from prom associations.

The stadium management was coordinated with the stadiums' outer perimeter, all the entrance gates and surveillance camera terraces, connecting them to the TV viewing room and recording all the events from that room.

The Director of the Security of Alexandria and correctly secured the game following the implementation of the security plan to track its presence in all areas of control and leadership.

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