Thursday , July 29 2021

How is sciatica treated in 6 steps

Consultant Orthopedics, Fractures, Joints and Orthodontics at the El Matareya Training Hospital, member of the Egyptian Orthopedics Association. Mahmoud Abdullah, sciatica is caused by the compression of the lower extremity caused by cartilage nerve, two species, one is acute and the other is chronic, he said. The main symptoms are:


Lower back pain.

It's burning from the lower back, the knee, the leg and the foot.

– Chronic cases have muscular numbness and weakness.

Dr. Mahmoud Abdullah, in order to eliminate acute inflammation, reduce acute inflammation and evaluate the situation after the elimination of acute inflammation, according to the treatment of sciatica in the case of acute, emergency medication treatment, but the case stressed that the treatment of chronic cartilage is a cure.

Sciatica 2

The orthopedic specialist explained that cartilage slide treatment includes:

1 – surgical intervention if persistent or weak muscle.

2. Reduce weight

3 – Physical Therapy

4 – Strengthen the back and abdominal muscles at home

5 – Medicines pain relievers, anti-inflammatory and vitamins strengthen muscles.

6 – Permanent care of home exercises is long-lasting.

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