Wednesday , November 25 2020

Housing: The city plan aims to raise the Egyptian world to 14%.

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Egypt Day ended with the Arab Week for Sustainable Development 2018, which includes a series of discussion sessions and round tables discussing a number of key issues attended by a number of ministers and representatives of international and Arab institutions and organizations.

At the meeting, the United Nations Human Settlements Program Director. Dr. In the session moderating Rania, Deputy Minister for Housing Development, Public Services and Urban Communities; Dr. Assem Al-Cazar, former Society Development and Engineer Assistant Tarek Shukri Arabiya Holding Real Estate Investment Trust and Head of Real Estate Development Department.

Asim Al-Jazzar, the city's definition, the migration from the rural areas of the city, which is the migration of the city's rural areas of the city of Tref, referring to the spread of the phenomenon, depending on people's lifestyle and lifestyle density and census and a geographic and demographic dimension according to Sisiology definition of urban definition. A city where people live in rural areas in rural areas, a city where they live in rural areas, said the city would not be separated from three dimensions.

Al-Cazar pointed out the national strategic plan of the urban plan in Egypt in 2052 and pointed out that the spatial sphere of the Egyptian world could not support us economically, indicating that there was only 7% in Egypt. stated that he could not provide economic benefits.

He added that the urban plan is a multiplier for the land that has been inhabited to create new areas with new activities in the Egyptian world, reaching 12: 14%.

Asim el-Cazar, the national road network, this world, attracting and connecting the cities of the serious points and axes to terminate the road network with the first solution, he noted.

As for the new management capital, D-Assem Al-Jazzar stated that the new management capital is not what we have built, and that it includes Cairo with its historical and cultural heritage, ensuring sustainability by providing a sustainable society and a sustainable society. .

He said that Egypt's experience in new cities is one of the greatest experiences in new cities and one of the biggest proportions of the population migrating to the new cities.

Laila Iskandar underlines the role of civil society, underlining that it can play important roles in urban areas, helping people to improve and improve the situation of those who act to monitor the absence of mediators where the number of people is insufficient and their role is limited.

Emphasizing the role of civil society, Triangle, by pointing out the role of Maspero, directed the dialogue and trusted what they did to people quietly and peacefully.

Minister of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform It should be noted that Al-Saeed opened the Egyptian market on the closing day of the dair Arab Day in on the Sustainable Development of the Arab market.

It should be noted that the activities of the ir Egypt Day ğ closing day include sessions to discuss issues related to sustainable development, innovation and scientific research, how to obtain clean energy and how to eliminate hunger, and to shed light on the Egyptian market for sustainable development.

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