Saturday , October 23 2021

«Health»: Comprehensive insurance does not include the privatization of the public sector or the, specialization ün of the public sector.


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Monitoring and Monitoring Deputy Minister of Health Ahmed Al-Sobki said the implementation of the comprehensive health insurance system does not involve the privatization of the public sector or the nationalization of the private health sector at any stage.

At a conference on "Investment in the Health Sector in Egypt", he said, the government pledged to increase the efficiency of the public and private sector's facilities at a later stage in order to implement the health insurance system and achieve the desired results. He stressed that the implementation of the law would not privatize the health system in Egypt. It leaves the country's assets, but improves the investment climate, especially due to its high cost.

Al-Sobki said the law requires states to maintain a minimum level of mechanization until they become competent in the implementation of the comprehensive health insurance, which is a compulsory law, but points to the freedom of choice for receiving services.

He pointed out that the existence of three conditions for the citizens in the comprehensive health insurance system is the full fulfillment of the service and strengthening of the referral systems. Especially since 70-80% of health care services were carried out in the first stage and strengthened mechanization.

He pointed out that the Ministry currently has a plan to correct the transition functions according to the three units of the draft law on health insurance, where policy development has an exclusive role.

Al-Sobki said that the political leadership has put the health file on the priorities of the state and is turning to a partnership investment with the private sector that lists growth and investment mechanisms in the health sector. The investment in the healthcare sector in Egypt, as well as the great orientation of private hospital chains for expansion and expansion in Egypt, as well as new and qualitative orientations of mega health cities such as the new administrative capital and the governorship of Alexandria, as well as the creation of small medical organizations In addition to acquisitions, he also added that there was a great improvement and recovery in the previous period. New medical communities highlighted by the high indicators and medicines of the health care sector in the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 2017.

Al-Sobki, the implementation of the Comprehensive Health Insurance Law, the fair pricing of services and treatment interventions, the separation of funds from the service delivery, the right to choose the insurer, ».

He said that the volume of investments in the pharmaceutical sector exceeded 120 billion Turkish Liras and the export barrier exceeded 2 billion Turkish liras a year. International Development Universities International Alumni Association Board Member Riad Armanios, the current government approach to the development of the health sector, the president's vision of providing an integrated health system, he said.

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