Friday , September 24 2021

For iPhone users… Tips for getting your phone back when it’s stolen

Many phone users are subject to their phones being stolen or lost and this differs from iPhone users as it has many features. If it is connected to the Internet or the phone battery runs out.

In this regard, “Al-Mustaqbal” is looking for ways to get the iPhone, according to the portal “Aitnews”.

– You can get iPhone using iPad by activating the “Find My” application, as it determines the last location of the phone in case the phone’s battery runs out, but in case your phone is not connected to the internet, the application determines the current geographic location of the phone by following these steps:

Open the Find app on your iPad.

Click the Devices tab.

A map appears in the app showing your activated devices.

Select the lost iPhone from the device list.

Click on the directions option to find out the approximate location in case your phone runs out of battery if you lose it.

He explained that you can press play sound to help you find the phone.

iPhone also enables to find lost phone through someone else’s device as per the following steps:

Open the Find app on your iPhone.

Select the I tab.

Click on “Help a Friend”.

Sign in with your iCloud ID.

When prompted to save your password, select Not now.

Now you can follow the steps given earlier to find the phone and when you’re done tap your name in the top right corner of iPhone in the Find My app. Then click Sign Out.

Find your phone using the computer

Go to the iCloud website via your computer’s web browser.

Sign in with your Apple ID.

Click the Find My iPhone icon.

Select the All devices option at the top and then select the lost iPhone.

A map will show you the location of the lost phone.
Find your phone using Google Maps

If Find My Phone isn’t enabled on your device, you’ll need to retrace your steps when you get lost, but if you enable the location history feature in Google Maps, you can find the last location of the lost phone.

To do this, follow these steps:

Go to this link via a web browser on your computer or phone.

Sign in to your Google account.

Select the date of losing the phone.

Check your last location to find out where you lost your phone.

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