Sunday , May 22 2022

Film and television drama conference started in Egyptian Books Union


The screenplay, directed by writer and screenwriter Ibrahim Mohamed Ali at the Egyptian Book Federation, holds a conference titled Moh The Role of Drama in Television and Cinema in the National Project for Man-Made İbrah.

On Saturday, November 17 at 10 am, at the Union's 11 Hassan Sabri Street Zamalek headquarters.

A number of leading film and television producers, including director Jalal Al-Sharqawi, will be honored. Ashraf Zaki, screenwriter Moustafa Muharram, scriptwriter Magdi Saber, writer and scriptwriter Bahij Ismael, artist and screenwriter Nadia Rashad, artist Hadi El Jayyar, artist Ashraf Abdel Ghafour, artist Afaf Shuaib, artist Anam El Gertily, director Hani Ismael, Salama, Nabil Rizk and director Mustafa Al-Shall.

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