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FilGoal | News | Smouha received a rating from El Gouna and raised her league


Smouha received a valuable score from El Gouna and raised her to the Premier League network.

El Gouna was tied to the Smouha team in the 14th round of the Egyptian league for each league team.

Smouha pressure

Smouha started the game with the pressure of El Gouna, and after the defeat of Sheriff Reza by Haitham Muhammad, he attacked Antar in the second minute and grabbed the ball.

Omid Okri, who was completely alone with El Gouna in the 12th minute, missed the lead of Shilongo, but hit the top pole.

The arrival of El Gouna

El Gouna finally reached the match court, threatening the goal of Smouha. Khalid Sobhi sent a cross in the 25th minute, Ahmed Magdy met his head but was meticulously by Abu Jabal Haris Semouha.

Al-Gouna, 33 came Smouha goal goal, the cross came from the right Ahmed Ali 's legs with an awesome cross. Is greeted by Rushdie with a strong head to the left of the goal, and returned to the fire again Shikatara & # 39; Smouha scores for Shaheen Nabil.

Zamoura quickly surprised El Gouna with Omnis Oki away from Omid Okri's home after 42 minutes, but the referee's flag prevented it from trashing.

Finally, the first goal came to El Gouna. The cross from Mohammed Abu Nabil, Mohammad Abu Jabal clashed with the defender of Smouha from Belgraab and died by Abu Jabal and confronted Shikatara, who returned to the target, Ahmed Magdy, and El Gouna. did nothing to finish the first half.

In the second half of the match, coach Ali Maher progressed quickly and from the beginning he joined Dirk Nisibamba instead of Omid Okri.

The first serious attack took place between Benson Chilongo and Mohamed Hamdi Zaki, leaving Hamdi Zaki alone, but in the 56th minute after the net transitions.

El Gouna's coach Hisham Zacharia replaced the first with "Gedo" of Muhammad Naji in place of Shikatara.

Once again, Smouha came to El Gouna in the 66th minute after a crash from Ahmed Homs.

El Gouna was forced to cross the second and Joseph Nguyem replaced Louay Wael in the 71rd minute.

As soon as Cameroon became a defender, El Gouna received an equalizer from Mahmoud Maaz with a very good foul in El Gouna.

Smoha almost added a perfect shot into the net 74 minutes into the game, but Haitham Mohammed just managed the save.

Gouna returned to meet with Jonathan Nguyem after 76 minutes.

Ali Maher, in the 80th minute in favor of Smouha Abdul Aziz Emam and Ahmed Hassan Mekki & # 39; s instead of Şerif Rıza and Ahmed Homs instead.

Ahmad Magdy resisted this time for Muhammad Abu Jabal in the 82nd minute of El Euna.

The last change of El Gouna was in the 88th minute that Ahmed Eid Abdul Malik replaced Mustafa Jaber.

Samouha scored nearly three points in the 92th minute after a great battle from Hamdi Zaki, but Haitham Mohammed jumped the ball and passed before reaching Chilongo and finished the match with a draw for each team.

The two teams scored the highest score in 20, while Al Gouna ranked 16th in the eighth place.

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