Sunday , November 29 2020

Emergency .. Supply declaration shows the printing methods of the ration card for the payment of loss or damage.

In order to improve the performance of the services provided to the citizens and to increase their efficiency, the Ministry of Tender and Internal Trade issued a ministerial directive on the regulation and management of the ration card system for 2018 and identified the steps necessary to print the ration card for damage or compensation or for new version or social decomposition. And all of the parties' responsibilities towards the operating system are now working in 17 steps:

1 – The citizen fills the service performance form with all card data and family data and submits it to the Procurement Office.

2. Dining room personnel receive a service performance from citizens with all required documents.

3 – In case the new card or monetary change or collection is changed or not changed, money transfer is requested.

4- The supply office staff verifies the validity of the documents and data provided and the presence of the mobile phone number (the system accepts all four mobile networks).

5. The employee applies for the card management application.

6. The application verifies the validity of the data using the field validation rules.

7. If the application is not accepted, the card will be marked as corrections with the Procurement Office, which notifies the citizen of the reasons for rejection.

8. If the application is approved, the Military Production Information Center reviews the verification rules within 24 hours (national numbers and telephone numbers). The wrong phone number will be marked without rejecting the application, the request will be rejected for any reason without a mistake in the national number. Status Request is processed without numbers with errors.

9 – The system will process the printing files according to the correct demands (according to the administrative control declaration and to the companies within 24 hours) according to the order databases.

10 – The card should be printed and the PIN code and the internal code should be immediately printed to the military production database, otherwise the work permit will be withdrawn from the company.

11. Companies shall receive printed cards from the Procurement Department within 3 days from the date of receipt of the order.

12 – Directorate of Representatives within two days from the date of receipt of the cards.

13. Procurement Office personnel shall register the vouchers to the system within a maximum of one day from the date of receipt of the cards.

14 – After the receipt of the cards printed on the system, the identification of the name of the main card office and sending the secret message to the same message to receive the card holder card,

15. The staff of the National Representative Office shall deliver the card and register the process to the system.

16 – Citizen sends a text message to activate the 9136 card for electronic expenses of 2 pounds from the support balance, if there is no balance in the mobile phone or a message is sent to the number 91237 for the electronic charges deducted from the balance of the mobile phone.

17 – If the citizen asked him to go to the refectory and asked his card, the employee asked him: In your phone, you received a message stating that he had received a secret number will be corrected immediately. The message will be sent to the citizen with a secret code.

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