Monday , July 26 2021

Emergency | He loses in the war of gold mines. Gram under 700 pounds.

There is an ongoing war between mines that no one can see with the naked eye, but that is a competition between the prices of these minerals.

Each metal has a specific price and the most expensive wins.

And the most famous mineral is gold, because it is the only metal that tries to find out the price most every day, although there are metals that are more expensive than it. But he is the most famous of us, so he has value and status.

While gold is experiencing such a huge decline these days, it has lost its value and prestige in the eyes of citizens among the mines, so it has lost the war, it is expected that gold will remain lost for the month. Ramadan.

Last week, gold prices dropped and stabilized at the same low rate yesterday until it reached 18 carat gold, which is below 700 lira today.

The following are the prices of unworked gold at jewelers.

Gold prices today

– 24 caliber scored 866 pounds.

A 21 gauge gram is 756 pounds.

– 18 caliber price reached 650 lira.

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