Tuesday , December 1 2020

El-Ahli opposes Al-Wasl in his mission to escape the "African shock".

Al Ahli team, Thursday, Thursday at 15:30, the United Arab Emirates in the last round of the 16th round of the Zayed Cup for the United Arab Emirates, Al Wasl UAE team at 7:30 when faced with a difficult and important will play the game. .

In the Red Buddha, the game played by Red Giant in very difficult conditions, the Egyptian champion is looking forward to exceeding the UAE team's obstacle and rising to the Arab Championship quarterfinals this evening, due to the changes that took place shortly after losing the African Championship to the Tunisian team..

Ahli went to the UAE with a list of 20 players: Mohamed El Shennawi, Sheriff Ekrami, Lotfy, Saad Samir, Salif Kolybali, Ayman Ashraf, Sabri Rahil, Ahmed Alaa, Akram Tawfiq, Karim Nedved, Hossam Ashour, Hisham Mohamed , Walid Suleiman, Nasser Maher, Islam Mahareb, Mohamed Sharif, Marwan Mohsen and Salah Mohsen, Moroccan striker Walid Azaro from UAE on Sunday after attending Tunisia against Tunisia..

The coach of Al Ahli, the French coach Patrice Cartiron, has been trying to confront his players for the morally and technically approaching night and has intensified their team meetings with players to correct the mistakes that the team had made during the first meeting in Burj Al Arab. he asked them not to repeat the foolish mistakes and demanded their exploitation. The opportunities provided by the rivals and the technical manager assured their players of the importance of meeting Al Wasl, as will be evident in the UAE team's first meeting in Burj Al Arab. .

Mohamed Youssef, Al Ahly's general trainer and football director, is a great deal to face with Al Wasl, which Al Ahl is very important to confront and to qualify for the next round due to the harsh conditions after losing the African championship. he said he was not a replacement player. A positive result allowing them to participate in the quarterfinals.

Al Ahli noted that Al Wasl is a strong team as a strong team with many different elements, but Ahli always plays for the sake of winning regardless of how big the match is, al Ahly, Ahmed Fathi and an effective player like Amr. Between Solomon, Mohamed Hany and Yafadel Cartiron, Karim Nidved and Akram Tawfiq had to share one of the right-wing with them tonight to compensate for the absence of Ahmed Fathi and Mohamed Hany..

Al Wasl, on the other hand, wants to get a big surprise by overthrowing Al Ahli from the Arab Championship. The player, who had a big win against Al Ahly in particular with his first leg after winning a good offer especially for the Red Giant, was finally gaining equality. "We are confident that all UAE supporters will be behind Al Wasl in the game tonight. Al Wasl players know the role of fans," Al-Wasl said. Al Wasl is able to win Al-Ahly and take it out of the tournament..

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