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The deadline for adding newborns to the ration card, as well as the time required to correct errors and update data, One of the most important concerns for the average citizen right now is to know the share of support through the payment of monthly ration goods, to face an increase in prices higher than the access of a limited income citizen and to ask the Egyptian citizen to obtain the ration at an affordable price. During the support system, the Minister of Finance, Mr. Meselhi, previously announced the per capita share of food goods. This support has identified the per capita income of a family of five since last July. Instead of the increase in ration 4 pounds 21 pounds.

Steps to complain about deletion and cancellation of ration cards

  • The citizen who wants to complain to receive the form called the performance form of the ration service can be taken from the cafeteria which is spread all over the Republic.

  • The owner of the ration card, all the data belonging to his family members and the beneficiaries of the commodity support through the ration card and the ration card issue must be checked to verify the national numbers of all beneficiaries.

  • Go to the complainant's cafeteria and send the form to the dining hall and register the mobile number for easy communication with the complainant.

  • After submitting the complaint form to your dining room, make sure that you receive a receipt for your complaint, so that you can be sure that your complaint is registered in the ration card database.

  • When opening the submission of complaints, it is easy to create its own database and create a computer-related table and review and address it by the authorities in the searchers.

  • After completing all of the above, the information center of the Ministry of Military Production will upload all the data recorded through the procurement offices or through the Egyptian support website.

  • All applications will be forwarded to the Administrative Control Committee for review.

  • After the inspection by the Administrative Control Authority, it marks the Ministry of Military Production database with the correct data reviewed by the Administrative Control Authority.

  • The Procurement Office shall inform the citizen about the reasons for accepting or rejecting the complaint and for rejection.

Minister of Finance and Interior Ali al-Muselhi, subsidized goods and subsidized subsidies to subsidized citizens, the decision to increase the value of subsidies allocated to the system of subsidies is not within the scope of its own power, by making a press statement, the decision to increase the value of support for the president's president, he said. On the powers of the President of the Republic .. Good luck, Allah is willing, ”and is a reference to the possibility of increasing commodity support.

Watch the video below: All procedures and questions related to ration cards

The Ministry of Supply announced that it could add new babies to ration cards through the site "Egypt Support"Newborns can be added by visiting the catering offices followed by the citizens.

Newborn Links Support Add Egypt

The addition of newborns to the ration card in October 2018 and necessary documents

To make it easier for all citizens, we'll review all the documents and official documents they need to add newborns easily and easily to ration cards.

  • A copy of the card holder's national number.
  • New electrical input.
  • Photographs of modern electronic birth certificates for all individuals to be included in the ration card.
  • The last personal photograph of the owner of the ration card.
  • A copy of the ration card holder's national identification number.

Steps to Add Newborns from the Egyptian Support Website

In addition, we will discuss the simplest ways and steps to add newborns to the ration card through the link to support Egypt.

  • Visit the link below by clicking
  • connection Egypt Support Site.
  • After entering the site, enter your smart card number and select where you live.
  • A team of characters will appear on the site page, the characters provided will be entered in this box and you must be careful when writing them.
  • Identify your family members registered on the ration card and write their national number and the national numbers will be found in the birth certificates of those who do not receive national ID cards from them.
  • After completing the above steps, click on the Update data word.
  • The site automatically opens a new page to complete the rest of the data to which new births can be added or deleted.
  • Write your mobile phone number to the specified location and the electronic payment number listed on your electricity bill.
  • If data is changed for members of the card, the number of national number and kinship connection must be set and then the Save button should be pressed.
  • Type the phone number and e-mail in the box provided, type your notes, if available, and click Update data or Save & # 39 ;.

New catering system in October 2018

The final prices for the ration goods paid by the citizen over the ration card have been defined, they know all decisions of the Ministry of Procurement and updates the ration cards through the website Ministry. In the link below:

Ministry of Supply

New catering system and per capita goods in October 2018

  • The person who registers to the ration card consumes a weight of fat and a weight of sugar from the output of ration goods.
  • The per capita value is estimated to be 50 pounds. The cost of goods is not under the support umbrella and if the cost is to be purchased free of charge.
  • Supply goods are provided at all exits, and in case of any shortcomings, a declaration is sent to the Directorate of Procurement Directorate where the shortage is immediately filled.

New babies are added to the ration card in October 2018

New babies are added to the ration card in October 2018

New babies are added to the ration card in October 2018

Goods prices table in October 2018

sequence matter price
one inebriation One kilogram of sugar price is 8.5 pounds.
2nd oil The price of a pound of fat 14 pounds instead of 12 pounds.
3 rice One kilo of rice price is 8.5 pounds.
4 macaroni 2.25 pounds of pasta weight
5 margarine 12 pounds 500 grams
6 margarine 800 grams of 17,25 liras
7 Lentil 500 gr lentils 10 pounds
8 beans 500 grams of beans, 3.50 pounds
9 SOS 325 grams of sauce 7,25 pounds
10 feta cheese 250 grams of white cheese 5.25 pounds
11th soap 125 gram soap 5.50 weight
12 Laundry soap 125g washing soap 4.25 pounds
13 Fame Acello flour 610 pounds
14 tea 40 grams of tea 2.75 pounds
15 cheese 500 grams of cheese 10,25 pounds
16 Chicken Bouillon Chicken juice 6.15 pounds
17 jam 400 grams of jam and 7.75 pounds
18 tuna 140 grams of tuna 6 kilos.
19 chlorine Chlorine bottle 3,10 pounds

Efficient decisions are distributed to citizens through electronically processed smart cards, the scores of goods and bread are calculated electronically, and the beneficiaries are counted to exclude all cards that violate the requirements for the appropriate citizen for not updating their data or ration cards.

It should also be taken into account that the distribution of the remaining courses to the citizens by electronically processed smart cards, the electronic calculation of the goods and bread scores, the calculation of all cards that violate the requirements for the citizens who do not update their accounts or which have to be fulfilled for the cards. Ration.

If you have any questions about newborn babies or the ration card support program, you can leave a comment about your questions or questions, which is of interest to you and we will respond to all comments in turn.

  • It is interesting to note that in a previous social package, which was announced by President Abdel Fattah Sisi in June last year, the monthly cash support per person increased to 21-50 pounds on a single ration card.
  • Minister of Procurement Kaddour Amr Madkour's adviser said that Wraza Supply has worked hard to refine the non-beneficiaries' support system and is making every effort to alleviate the low-income burden on Egypt.

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