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Egypt – Videos and photos .. The audience of Khaled Selim celebrates her birthday in Bibliotheca Alexandrina


(MENAFN – Youm7)

Attending the ceremony of Khaled Salim from the Mediterranean bride and from other cities, the audience of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina enjoyed celebrating to celebrate her birthday and the audience applauded and Salim called on "Happy New Year". They came to the concert hall and gave roses to Khaled Salim and took away her souvenirs.

Yıldız Khalid Selim expressed his great happiness in the ceremony in Bibliotheca Alexandrina with the warm hospitality he got from the audience of the Mediterranean Beauty, saying du seventh day Yıldız and did not expect the library to be filled with all these masses coming from various cities. In particular, yesterday's conditions were not related to the history of the Ahli and Tunisian Reggae games in the final of the African Cup Clubs, which were on the same date as the ceremony, which was determined two months ago. Not with any intentions.

”I'm always happy to be in Alexandria, because I was very pleased with the viewers who came close to my heart and from other cities.“

The ceremony yesterday, at the ceremony, including the songs of "Crescent Omri, Four Letters", the Arab world, including fans, including many of the new and old songs presented. Gaby, the crime of accusation, every lover of the country, a talent, from us, day and night, Adish people are promised, nostalgia. "

He is currently showing one of the largest satellite channels of "Khaled Selim", "Gate Doors", Al Aqsa I Ahmed, Nabil Issa, Ahmed Salah Hosni, Jihan Khalil, Abderrahman Abu Zahra, Tariq Sabri, Mayar El Ghiti and Tamer. Shaltout & # 39; s stated. Ahmed Samir Faraj & # 39; s directed by Mohammed Nair written by 60 episodes.

Over the next few days, the network of lifestyles will show the series "The Nights of Nine," starring Fida Shandawili, and Nicole Saba, directed by Ahmed Shafiq.

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