Tuesday , July 27 2021

Driver suspended for 3 months for Mohammed Ramadan

In Art: A court in Kerdasa on Sunday sentenced Muhammad Ramadan driver to three months of imprisonment, according to lawyer Ahmed al-Jundi. The Ramadan driver was killed for the Sudanese citizen and the third was wrongly injured in the collision on 26th of July.

Soldier, "Constitution" in his statements, the sentence given today, the Ramadan driver took three months to arrest and immediately appeared to court.

On Saturday evening, November 3, the wife of the Egyptian actor Muhammad Ramadan was injured in a car accident accompanied by his friend while his driver struck a cart with another Sudanese and another five.

The accident caused 3 people to be injured and after the Sudanese man was taken to hospital after his death, the brain head was hospitalized as a result of the vehicle crashing into the vehicle's interior. His Ramadan wife and friend were injured in the legs.

The investigations showed that Hyundai Verna, while driving from a delivery company on July 26, had exploded five people, one driver, another Egyptian, one Thai wife, one Thai friend and a fifth Sudanese left-hand front tire on the Vodafone tunnel in the direction of Lebanon Square. Collide with the sidewalk and then stand on the edge of the road.

As soon as the car stood on the side of the road, a black Chrysler car carrying artist Muhammad Ramadan's wife and his friend, led by the artist's driver, crashed into a parked car on the right, three of the Egyptian Hyundai and the Thai and Thai wife's bruised 41 His Sudanese companion had a serious head trauma leading to coma, he was hospitalized as a result of bleeding, and an hour later he died of his wounds.

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