Wednesday , November 25 2020

"Disaster" acquitted the defendant of drug possession near the gate of poetry

He decided
The North Cairo Water Court was held in Abbasiya, led by the Council of State Mohamed Hassan Al Yamani.
The narcotics bought a marijuana trade and a driver responsible for the resistance of officials in the Bab el-Shaareya district.

open to
In the case of the prosecutor's office in the case of 3939 numbered 2018, Bab al-Shaariyah's crimes, «Mohammed»
The 39-year-old driver, last September, aimed at smuggling out of humanitarian conditions under obsolete drugs

Investigating the investigation, the police department, the Department's Police Department to see the section was kept during the transition.
Smell the smell of burning cigarettes and burning the essence of marijuana and go to control the most famous white weapon
«Blade» has been able to control and search for the effectiveness of the work and the amount of drugs and money found.

And proved
The seizures of cannabis listed in Table I in the chemical laboratory report
Drug Law.

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