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Many people suffer from hair loss and the reasons for treating these conditions should be known. WebMD has published a number of unusual or unthinkable reasons about whether there are daily habits or health or psychological situations:
iron deficiency

Iron helps to maintain hair health and lower levels of iron in the body provides hair loss. There are a number of indications to keep up with this situation, which indicates a reduction in iron levels in the body, such as nail clippers and yellowing or pale skin and shortness of breath, and general weakness and accelerated heartbeat.
2. Protein deficiency

The protein-deficient body uses a means to sustain itself as much as possible, including stopping hair growth. This method takes two or three months to start hair loss. However, with the addition of more meat, eggs, fish, nuts and beans can be put on the daily diet to put an end to these effects is the main problem of protein deficiency.
3. Voltage

Tension situations can sometimes make the immune system its own and attack the hair follicles. A great deal of anxiety and anxiety may also cause hair growth to stop, which makes hair loss more likely when using a brush.
Hair Tightening

Hair loss disorder or hair loss mania is a mental condition that causes the patient to squeeze their hair without feeling bald spots. The patient's tendency to stop this behavior and in some cases to tend to tighten hair eyebrows and eyelashes is difficult.
5 to 30 diseases

Hair loss is a symptom of more than 30 diseases, including polycystic ovary syndrome and ringworm, in the scalp, glandular diseases and autoimmune diseases. It is also surprising that hair loss is a sign of influenza, fever, or infection.
6 – weight loss surgery

Hair loss is more likely to be a symptom of surgery after weight loss, especially if the levels of zinc in the body are low, but it is common to lose some follicles after surgery to treat obesity. Treatment can prescribe zinc supplementation to stop hair loss.
7. Hardness in hair

Sometimes the hair styling routine is blamed when the hair starts to move and fall. Hardness ranges from overuse of shampoo, use of a brush, severe hair scaling or excessive towel drying.
8- Hair dryer and dyes

The daily use of air dryers, flat irons and vulcanizations weakens the hair follicle, which facilitates bombardment and spillage. Hair is also damaged by pigments, hair spray and chemicals sprayed on the hair.
9. Smoking

Smoking causes serious damage to the hair, resulting in scattering and atrophy of the follicles. Toxins in cigarette smoke can cause damage to the hair follicles. Prevents hair growth and head
10 – eating disorder

Both anorexia and bulimia affect hair loss, because the body cannot take the nutrients that need to grow, and therefore cannot protect healthy hair. Food disorders require specialized mental health and nutritional counseling.
11. Medicines

You should review the side effects of regular or frequent medications, hair loss may be one of these effects. Examples include blood thinners, acne medications rich in acne, structural steroids, rheumatoid arthritis drugs, depression medications, gout, heart problems, or high blood pressure.
12. Reproduction and breastfeeding

Hormones protect hair quality during pregnancy at normal times, which makes it appear more intense, soft and rich in smell. But after birth, the mother loses the excess hair gained during pregnancy, because the hormones begin to decrease. Hair condition should return to balance after fertility between 3 and 6 months.
13. Contraindications

Contraception using hormones such as oral contraceptives, implants, injections, vaginal rings and prostheses can cause hair loss if they have a history in the family. The doctor may prescribe a non-hormonal option that helps prevent hair loss.
14. Stop contraceptives

Choosing birth control with hormonal contraceptives can cause hair loss, but stopping can lead to the same result. Changes may be observed several weeks or months after discontinuation.
15. Menopause

The conversion hormones at that time can increase the exhaustion rates. The symptoms are expected to disappear after about 6 months. However, if the period is prolonged or if some of the hair is noticed or there is hair loss at the top and head of the head, consult a doctor.

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